Use Artifical Intellegence to Find Tax Deductions

Artiical Intellegence can be used to find missing, forgotten or unknown tax deductions for both your current and previous years tax returns.

How many hours did you waste searching through old bank statements, looking up receipts on your phone, sending emails to try and find that deduction you “put in a save place”? Artificial Intellegence is here to do the heavy lifting for you. In minutes often seconds it can search and identify tax deductions that you can claim. Once indentified they are sent to our Australia Registered Tax Agents to check and lodge or you can lodge it yourself via the My Gov portal.

How much do you miss out on by forgetting, losing or just not know what could be claimed?


By using our AI system you are able to search and find possible tax deductions. We ask you a series of broad questions such as your occupation, age, address and let the AI do its work.

Over the years we have completed 10’s of thousands of individual tax returns. From this massive supply of Data, we have been able to highly train and tune our A.I Bot to maximise your return.


Once your deductions are identified, our Australian Registered Tax Agents, confirm and complete your Tax Return lodging it with the ATO.

Increase Your Return

The ATO wants to help you lodge your return as easy as possible. However when was the last time they helped you find a deduction?

We are here to help you get to best return possible.