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Accounting software such as Xero is able to deliver a range of benefits for Gold Coast businesses of all sizes, helping you to save time by streamlining a variety of bookkeeping and business accounting services.

This is because cloud accounting enables Gold Coast small business owners to automate many of the tax and business accounting functions that would otherwise need to be completed manually, thereby freeing up time to get on with other core operations.

As specialist Xero accountants, we can help you to better understand the benefits of this sort of software to your business, or if you would like to know more we can also provide Xero training.

Setting up Xero business accounting software

We are Xero certified advisors who assist and provide support for Gold Coast businesses to setup and implement Xero.

Our Xero Certified Advisors can train your bookkeepers, accountants and other members of your business on how to manage and use the system, and ensure that bookkeeping functions like Xero payroll are configured to meet your specific needs.

This is important, because if the Xero set up and installation has been performed correctly, future system and security updates are less likely to cause clashes and other problems down the line.

Key benefits of cloud-based tax and accounting services

Nearly all our clients say that the key benefit that this system has delivered is the ability to have a real time overview of their finances — so crucial for small business where cash flow can be an issue.

You and other members of the business can log in at any time to get up-to-date access to your financial information, giving you greater control and understanding of how your business is tracking.

The ability to log in from any device also provides flexibility, enabling you to stay on top of issues like pay and expenses even when you’re out of the office.

However, you can also limit which employees are able to access data and to what extent, so you are always in control of who can see your vital financial information. Your Xero advisor can assist you in setting up these protocols.

How working with a Gold Coast Xero accountant can streamline your bookkeeping

You can enjoy a multitude of benefits when you have Xero accounting installed to support your business. For instance, all transactions are recorded, while sales, receipts and payments can be automatically tracked.

Xero accounting software also enables a range of other bookkeeping functions to be automated, including single touch payroll, while syncing Xero with bank feeds means you can automatically import your credit card and bank statements for quick and easy bank reconciliation and more.

Many other functions can also be set to run automatically, like invoicing, accounts payable, debtor control and more, plus you can generate reports whenever you need them.

Data entry, too, can be automated, reducing the potential for human error, while a Xero advisor from our Gold Coast team can provide support and regularly review how you are using the system to ensure you are operating at maximum efficiency.

Let our Gold Coast Xero accountants lighten your load

The aim in setting up Xero accounting for your Gold Coast business is to make the day-to-day running and managing of your operations less labour intensive, freeing up you and your staff to attract more clients, plan for the upcoming financial year, develop a budget, and more.

Xero accounting software is flexible and cost effective

Xero gives your business flexibility in a number of areas. For instance, all software is automatically updated, so there is nothing you are required to do when a new version is released. Also, there is no resulting downtime to potentially cost you money.

Xero is also scaleable and it is straightforward to upgrade or downsize as your business requires.

All data is synced to the cloud, so it can always be recovered even if you have a hardware failure. This also provides greater security than if everything is stored on a single device that can be lost or stolen, as cloud software providers use state-of-the-art online security protocols to keep your information safe.

Also, if ever you have difficulties. a member of our Gold Coast Xero Advisor team is always on hand should you require assistance.

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