ADHD Business and Executive Coaching


As a seasoned business owner for over 20 years with the blessing and curse of ADHD (adult diagnosed), David Orth helps other ADHD executives, entrepreneurs and business owners navigate the mind field of business with the added twist of understanding ADHD and helping you tap into your super power.

Why are some ADHDers stuck in bed, fumbling through life, while others are billionaires? What is the difference that makes the difference? Coaching and Support.

We need the right kind of support. The – let you be you support. You do what you are good at and leave the rest up to others you can trust to get it done.

As an ADHD Business Owner starting out, I hated being told what to do. I hated being held accountable, followed up on, and checked on. I still don’t like it, but I know it’s a key difference between success and failure, so I suck it up and use it to my advantage and you can too.

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As a business owner there are very few people, if anyone, that can hold you accountable. Combine that with ADHD and you are either running at a million miles an hour or stuck in bed.

You need us to hold you accountable and keep you on track.

You need us to say hang on have you thought about this, what about this?  Are you running enthusiastically… in the wrong direction?

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Business Coaching and Advice

Read more books, study more – like it’s just that easy. Sure, when your dopamine is high you smash it out, but when it’s not – forget about it.  

You need someone that will cut to the chase, give you the information and answers you need directly to the point so you can get on with your project.

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Dumb Tax

I have paid the dumb tax. I’ve paid the price. Learn from my dumb mistakes – which all started out as good ideas.

As a gifted individual with ADHD you can hit the ground running at light speed forgetting about the minor details. What you end up with is an empire built on sand. You are forever not chasing around putting out spot fires which are just exhausting.

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Key Performance Indicators

Are you making any more?

What is making you the money?

Where is your money going?

What’s giving you the best marketing bang for your buck?

What are your numbers telling you?

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How We Can Help

We do not offer set ‘packages’ or ‘deals’. Often you need a little of this and a little of that. Simply put we can help you with every aspect of your business – starting out, growing, fixing your growing pains and even selling your business.

Contact us now and lets chat about how we can help.

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We offer a variety of accounting services to suit your needs and budget.

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